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Race Team Events 2014

Race: 2014 QLD Enduro series (incorporated with RD 3 & 4 of the AORC) Location: Boyland (QLD) Ride: 2013 Beta 300 RR Place: 3 Expert Veterans (over 35) The first round of the QLD enduro series was held over the Easter weekend in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, just a short drive from Mackay (about 12hrs). I arrived just after lunch on the Friday before the event and set up the pit area for the weekend, as I was by myself it’s good to be prepared early than to stress and worry about it during the event. I got to walk one of the tests (4 were used) after setting up, and it was clear to me that the weekend was going to be dusty.

Day 1: Started out at 0928, straight into a long ten minute test,(all tests trail ridden first lap) and already the terrain was rutted and dusty, after all the AORC riders had been through there. I thought the trail on the first loop was going to be the hard section over the weekend, it was made up of single trail through fairly tight bush and a lot of rock sections thrown in. I was glad I put my mousse tubes back in for this section alone. The Beta 300 was great through the rocks, you could just put it in a higher gear and lug the bike through them. I replaced the front springs with heavier .44kg units before I left also, and I thought that they would just beat me around through the rocks, but even after the whole weekend I only have one blister to count. At the end of this trail section was another shorter test weaving its way through the side of a hill. This test was a complete rut, from start to finish, filled in the bottom with soft dirt. The first section was approx. 50mins worth of riding. I had about 10-15 mins at the first checkpoint to refuel both body and bike. A quick check over the bike, and it was off to start the second section of the lap. After the checkpoint it was straight into another short test, beside the last test of the first loop, once again dusty, rutted but a little quicker than the last one. The second trail section was a tight single line trail through the bush, littered with lantana and fallen trees, approx. 50mins again. The first lap on this trail wasn’t too bad, but throughout the day, it was the harder of the two loops. The trail ended up rutting out, due to the single line and the extremely dry conditions, and it was a good feeling getting towards the end of it, to be able to stand up on the pegs again and stretch the leg muscles. At the end of the loop there was another test (no.4), it was a grass track test that didn’t seem to have much grass left, and it was the shortest of the four tests. Then back to the pit for another refuel and bike check over. This was repeated another two times on each loop, and all tests were now timed. By the end of the day it was obvious that this was my first race for the year, the body was very weary, but the bike stayed strong the whole day. The only problem I had was, whilst on loop 2, we had to climb a rocky outcrop and I got half way through it and the chain derailed from the rear sprocket. It’s lucky the times were loose for the day and I could move off the line and reinstall my chain back onto the sprocket. Coming through this section again over the weekend, I think I’ve hit a rock with the chain guide and the chain has walked off. I inspected the guide area after the loop and found no telling tales from a rock or any other object, and I had no further issues over the weekend. I replaced the air filter after the first days riding and was amazed by the amount of dust that was caked onto the filter skin(I have run filter skins for years as added protection) I took a photo and sent it to Phil at Norside Motorcycles to show how dusty it was during the day, then I flipped it over to find the inside of the filter spotlessly clean. After Day 1 I was sitting in third place in the Expert Vets(over 35) class, and happy with some of the times.

Day 2: Started out at 0822 today and it was straight into the timed test. We completed another 3 laps/ 6 loops of the track, two laps of timed special tests and one last lap of trail time only. The times were tightened by five minutes each loop for the day also. The rocky loop(loop 1) ended up being the better of the two loops due to some rocks clearing off the trail and becoming a bit more flowing. The opposite is said for the other loop, the rut got deeper, it got dustier and dirt got softer. All the special tests over the day got tougher and tougher as it became clear that you needed to be able to ride the rut to ride fast, which on one test I could do quite well and on the others, not so well. The bike stayed in the rut whenever it was ridden there, but when body movements were not correct, it would try and ride up out of the rut, making it hard to keep up momentum. Throughout the day again, it was a matter of refuelling the bike, a quick look over and a drink before heading back out on the trail. And at the end of the event, I managed to stay in third place for the class, which was a surprise given the amount of riders that were there.

Looking back at the event, the bike really shone through at the end of both the days riding, when the body was worn out, tired and didn’t need to flogged around any further. The bike continued to carry me through to the next checkpoint with ease and when required, rev through the special tests. I used approx. 25ltrs of fuel, and travelled just over 200klms, flogged out another set of tyres, destroyed my front mousse and only dropped the bike twice all weekend, although, my upper arms have been whipped and scratched from the all lantana. The only other casualty from the weekend was my Boano carbon fibre pipe guard broke out around the clamping area. Not too bad I think. Bring on the next race, a 5hr pony express near Rockhampton, on the 11 May.

Thanks, Danny Chrzanowski

Danny Chrzanowski made the trek from Mackay to Connondale last weekend to compete in Rounds 1 & 2 of the Qld Enduro Championships.

Danny competed in the Veterans Expert Class and came a commendable 8th place in Round 1 on Saturday. The following footage is from Saturday's Cross Country Event.

2012 QLD enduro Rd 1 Cross country

2012 QLD Enduro Series Rd 1, Cross Country, Veterans Expert Class, held at Conondale MX track on 08/09/2012

Watch while Danny Chrzanowski completes a lap on his Norside/Metzeler/GRO Oil/EK Chain supported Gas Gas EC300 at Round 3 of the CQ Off-Road Series held at Turkey Beach, near Gladstone. Danny and partner Hendo took out the 1st place trophy in the Unlimited Class for the day and are currently leading the class for the series.

2012 CQ Offroad Series, Rd 3 Turkey Beach 08.07.12 (1)

One lap of the 2012 CQ Offroad series at Turkey Beach on 08.07.012

Photos from the recently held Australian Classic MX Titles held at Wyaralong near Brisbane.

Norside rider Greg Kaddatz competed in both the Pre '65 250cc Class on a BSA C15 and in the Pre '78 125cc Class on a 1976 Honda CR125 Elsinore.

Greg took home 3rd place on the BSA and was unfortunate that a mechanical mishap in race 2 on the Elsinore ended his day in that class.

Special thanks goes to Bob Inkson and Ken Cullen for the use and preperation of the BSA C15, as well as the pit support for the weekend.

Thanks also to VMX Shotz for the use of photos 4,5,6 and 7.

Lana Stiller at Rd.1 of the Cane to Coal MX Series, Kuttabul Mackay. (Pictures by Powerhouse Photography)

Norside Race Team Photos

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